Who We Are

Precision Auto Body Repairs Ltd. has been in business for over 40 years, serving Saskatoon Auto Repair needs to Saskatoon and and surrounding areas. At Precision Auto Body quality is no accident, it’s a commitment!! Our experience and knowledge in collision repair will ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards. We repair all makes and models of vehicles, both import and domestic. We also specialize in large truck and semi-trailer repairs.

At Precision Auto Body we are dedicated to continuing education, which ensures your repairs are completed with the most current techniques and equipment. We’re proud to be one of the few CAA approved auto collision repair facilities in the province. We pride ourselves with providing quality workmanship, ideal results,going over and above for all our customers and giving back to the community!

Our Team

Joe & Jennifer

Our fearless leaders, our dynamic duo, our Bonnie & Clyde. Jenn & Joe took over Precision Auto Body in 2008 and have been leading us with their knowledge and experience ever since.

When they’re not running the show at the shop, you can find them at the lake enjoying family time with their son. Joe spends his time working on old cars, and Jenn enjoys reading a good book.

Jenn & Joe’s favourite food is Nonna’s Pasta!


Janelle joined the team in 2013 as a Customer Service Advisor and has grown into her current position as the Office Manager in addition to her role as a Customer service Advisor. When she’s not booking your vehicle in for repairs or overseeing the front end of the shop, you can find her baking, knitting, or reading a book.

Janelle’s favourite food is Pasta.


Jen “Crash” joined the team in 2022 as a Customer Service Advisor. Jen keeps you updated on the progress as your vehicle moves through the shop for repairs. She is also our resident windshield expert, so if you need a glass replacement, she’s your go-to!
When she’s not at work, Jen enjoys playing scrabble and taking her kids to Ringette & Hockey.

Jen’s favourite food is oddly specific and is The Dragon Bowl from The Cactus Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Michelle joined the team in 2023 as a Customer Service Advisor. She is usually the one to answer the phone or greet you when coming into the shop. She helps to explain the repair process and gets you booked in quickly!
When she’s not at work, Michelle like to cook, bake, and hang out with her kids.

Michelle’s favourite food is Mom’s homemade perogies with cream gravy & sausage!


Janine joined the team in 2017 as our Parts Manager. It’s never a dull moment around the shop with her running around! When she’s not at work ordering and receiving the parts for your repairs, you can usually find her at the lake spending time with her family or enjoying a backyard fire.

Janine’s favourite food is Poutine!


Matt joined the team in 2020 as our Production Manager. He spends his day making sure that the shop is running smooth and cars are moving through our shop in a timely fashion. Matt checks over the vehicle before they are completed and writes estimate for customers. He likes to spend his spare time with his family, camping, or working on old trucks.

Matt’s favourite food is Pizza.


Kate joined the team in 2010 and became a Journeyperson in 2014.  Kate leads the Repair Plan department, and spends her day mapping out the repair process for the vehicle. Kate’s job is to find any additional damage underneath the panels that is not seen from the outside. 

When she’s not at work telling us all ‘dad jokes’, Kate enjoys hunting, fishing, painting, and playing music.

Kate’s favorite food is Perogies!


Nick joined the team in 2017 and became a Journeyperson in 2021. Nick spends his day in the Prep and Paint department and is responsible for organizing the workflow of the 2 departments. He helps in the prep department and paints when we need another set of hands When he is not getting your vehicle ready for a shiny new coat of paint, he enjoys sledding, car meets, and hanging with the boys.

Nick’s favourite food is Burgers!


Kyle joined the team in 2013 and became a Journeyperson in 2016. Kyle spends his day doing any metal fabrication work or body filler work after the Repair Plan Department. If you need any fiberglass work done, Kyle is the one to repair it!

When he’s not at work, Kyle enjoys snowboarding or motor biking, driving cars, and spending time with his family.

Kyle’s favourite food is Pizza!


Adam joined the team in 2015 and became a Journeyperson in 2019. Adam leads our Paint team and is usually the person painting your vehicle! He does a lot of work to get the perfect match for your vehicles paint and helps in the prep department when needed. When he’s not at work, Adam enjoys spending time with family, working on cars, and home renovations.

Adam’s favourite food is Burgers!


Jerry joined the team in 2012 and became a Journeyperson in 2015. He spends his day doing any aluminum repairs or body filler work on the vehicle after the Repair Plan department. If you need a new windshield, Jerry is usually the one to replace it!

When he’s not at work, Jerry enjoys working on old cars, home renovations, and spending time with his family.

Jerry’s favourite food is Lasagna!


Frank joined us in 2017 as a Detail Technician. He spends his day cleaning the vehicles that come into the shop for repairs and shuttling customers to and from the shop. When he’s not making sure your vehicle is sparkly clean after repairs, he enjoys hiking, fishing, and playing soccer.

Frank’s favourite food is Seafood.


Gabe joined the team in 2019 and became a Journeyperson in 2022. Gabe wears a lot of hats in the shop, helping in Reassembly, Prep, and writing estimates!

When he’s not at work, Gabe enjoys bike riding, car meets, and hanging with the boys.

Gabe’s favourite food is Butter Chicken!


Riley joined us in 2021 as a Detail Technician and has moved on to work in the Prep department. He spends his day getting the vehicle ready for its fresh coat of paint! When he’s not at work, he enjoys working on and driving old cars.

Riley’s favourite food is Cinnamon Buns!


Preston joined the team in 2024 as an Apprentice Body Technician. He works in the Repair Plan Department taking vehicles apart when they first come into the shop and mapping out the vehicle for repairs.
When he is not at work, Preston enjoys hanging out with friends, watching football, and driving cars.

Preston’s favourite food is Steak!


Brett joined the team in 2022 and is a 3rd year Apprentice Body Technician. He spends his day in the Reassembly department, putting vehicles back together after the repair process and checking over the vehicle before it goes for its final bath.
When he’s not at work, Brett can be found playing video games or playing guitar and listening to music.

Brett’s favourite food is Burgers!


Abin joined the team in 2023 as an Apprentice Body Technician. Abin spends his days in the Prep department getting the vehicle ready for a fresh coat of paint!
When he’s not at work, Abin enjoys travelling and cooking.

Abin’s favourite food is Steak!


Kristian joined the team in 2023 as a Detail Technician. He spends his days cleaning the vehicles coming in and going out so that they are sparkling when given back to the customer!
When he’s not at work, Kristian likes hanging out with his family and playing basketball.

Kristian’s favorite food is Ramen!


Justin joined the team in 2023 as a Detail Technician. Together with Kristian, he spends his days cleaning vehicles and taking vehicles out for any sublet work required outside of the shop. Justin is our resident shuttle driver, so if you need a ride, chances are that Justin is taking you!
When he’s not at work, Justin likes going to the gym and working on old Hondas.

Justin’s favorite food is Shawarma!


Shelby joined the team in 2020 as a Door Greeter/Mascot/Employee Morale Booster. Shelby mostly walks around looking for scritches, checking for snacks in lunch bags, and wanting someone to play with her tug rope. 

When she’s not at work, Shelby enjoys swimming in the lake, going for runs, and playing with her little brother Antonio.

Shelby’s favourite food is vegetables, fruits, peanut butter cookies, duck treats, strawberry treats, raw bones. She’s not a picky eater.

Quite possibly the best!

"I would like to give a big thanks to Joe and Jen and their entire team at Precision Autobody, every time I take a vehicle to them it comes back looking like I just bought it from a dealer. Thx again!"

L Politeski

Quite possibly the best!

"The service at Precision Autobody is excellent from estimate through to completion of the work! Great, efficient communication and customer service from the ladies that work in the office. My vehicle looks great! Thanks to the team at Precision!"

A Holder

Quite possibly the best!

"It was an "EXCELLENT" service!! Kudos to all the staff..You guys work above & beyond! I couldn't recognize my vehicle when I came out the office, it was sparkly clean in/out!! (I have a toddler and could'nt keep up the mess? Highly recommended!✍??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!❤"

A De Asis

Quite possibly the best!

"The Precision Auto Body team is amazing. They helped dealing with SGI and kept me in the loop the entire time our vehicle was in their shop getting repaired. All of the staff I dealt with were very professional and friendly. Let Precision Auto Body help you and get your vehicle repaired properly."

D Terichow

Quite possibly the best!

"I brought my truck in for a paint job on a rear panel from some vandalism to Gino. Gino took care of all the details and provided a good price, and was well taken care of. Janelle is also another that was great to deal with! The end result looked awesome, and my truck was also cleaned top to bottom. 10/10 in my books, and I will make sure they get my repeat business when I need something done. Thank you!!!!"

J Bennett

Quite possibly the best!

"Very friendly and efficient service. Gave constant updates on the progress of my vehicle, they were…"

CIndy Weekes

Quite possibly the best!

"Had my trucked taken there after a pretty good fender bender. They did an amazing g job."

Greg Roffey

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Call us at 306-664-4156 or email us at customerservice@precisionautobody.ca
Hours Monday to Friday 7:30am-5:00pm
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