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At Precision Auto Body we offer a wide variety of services to meet every customer’s needs. From hail damage and minor scratches to major collision damage and windshield replacement, we handle all collision, vandalism and glass claims. Our advanced facility is over 15,000 sqft. with over 30 stalls. We have two 50 ft spray booths and our refinish technicians are experts in paint matching. Our facility is equipped to handle all cars, trucks, SUV’s and even Semi-trailers. Our success is in the process as for every vehicle we follow a strict and precise process, which allows for the desired result every time for our customer satisfaction.

Report your accident to SGI either by phone 1-800-647-6448 or report online at www.sgi.sk.ca/eclaim. If your claim is eligible, you can have your estimate done at our body shop. If not, SGI will set up an appointment at one of their claims centres to complete the damage estimate. Once your estimate is complete, we can book you in for a repair appointment. Call us at 306-664-4156 or email your claim to customerservice@precisionautobody.ca

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is used to push the dents out of panels caused by hail stones. If the paint is intact after the storm, PDR is the way to go! This technique involves ‘massaging’ the dents out from the interior of the panel and results in a completely smooth finish. When the dents are too large or if there are too many of them, the panel can be replaced and refinished to pre-accident condition.
First, let us look at some preventative measures that can be taken to help avoid vandalism to your vehicle.

Simple Tips to Avoid Car Vandalism:

  • Keep your car clean and free of clutter. A conspiring thief usually looks for easily accessible items that have value.
  • Park in a visible, well-lighted areas.
  • Make sure your doors are locked.
  • Look for surrounding security cameras.

If your window has been smashed, we can replace it for you! Give us a call or stop by for us to look. We can also fix any scratches or damage done to your vehicle from a vandalism incident.

You can make an insurance claim for this damage!

Windshield repair technology is a rapidly advancing industry, so the ability to repair large chips changes often and can vary depending on the repair company. For the most part, stone chips smaller than a quarter can be repaired. Stop by and we will have a look to see if we can repair your chip!

If the damage is more than just a chip, we can replace the windshield.

Our refinish technicians make sure the paint is the perfect match before they spray your vehicle. Using a state of the art colour camera to match the colour properly, a ‘spray-out card’ is then held against the vehicle in proper light to make sure it is a match. Only once it gets the seal of approval is that colour sprayed onto the vehicle. This ensures a perfect match every time!
    Only high-quality aftermarket, recycled, re-manufactured, or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle is the current model year or you carry replacement cost coverage in your package policy, only OEM parts will be used.



Aftermarket Parts

New parts that meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, but are produced by someone other than the original equipment manufacturer.


Recycled Parts

Quality parts removed from vehicles in non-drivable condition and used as replacement parts. Many of these parts are supplied by SGI’s own recycling operations.


Re-Manufactured Parts

Items that have been rebuilt to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Parts manufactured by, or under license to, the vehicle manufacturer.

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